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snowy woods

This is a photo story by Miss Shanley’s Class. We are really proud of it and hope you enjoy it. It illustrates ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ by Robert Frost


Homework for 4th and 5th class

Maths homework- Money

4th and 5th class can click on this link to play a money game involving shopping and change. Shopping game.

Blue spelling revision Blue List 3 and 4

Green spelling revision Green group- List 3 and 4

Homework for 4th and 5th class

 Here are the revision lists of spellings for tonight

Blues, click on this- Blue group List 1 and 2

Greens, click here- Green List 1 and 2

4th and 5th class homework 18/10/11

Interactive worsearch for the blue group

Interactive wordsearch for the green group


Ag Goid ón Úllord

Dhreapamar na crainn, Chreathamar na crainn

Ag stealladh úlla, Ar fud na háite


Scata beag páistí, Chomh ciúin le lucha

Ag líonadh málaí, Le húlla beaga


Úlla buíthe, Úlla dearga

Úlla milse,Úlla searbha


An oíche chéanna, Ag luí ar an tolg

Ag mothú pianta, I mo bholg

DÁN Le Dominic Ó Braonáin

The Emergency

In 4th and 5th class we are learning about Life During World War 2. Here is a short presentation about how the War effected Irish life.

Click below to see the prezi (presentation)


As you can tell we are fond of Photostory in St. Patrick’s BNS. It is a free download that allows you to make a slideshow with pictures, music, sound recordings and words to show your work. Click here to be directed to the website and follow the instructions: Photostory website. James from 4th class has downloaded it at home. Why don’t you? I can put your work on the blog if you like. This is a photostory we made last Summer about Ballinamore.

History of Ballinamore

Fishing Industry

We have been learning about Fishing in Ireland and in particular, the Fishing Industry. 4th and 5th class ( Miss Shanley’s Room) have made a photostory which will show you about what we learned.

Fishing Industry